Indie Games 2014 - This Year So Far

Indie games, the often both poorly respected and represented category of the gaming world. It entails both a long list of beauty and of amateurism. Look here for what could be the next hidden gem!

monument valley review

Monument Valley

Navigate through Impossible paths and mazes in the awe inspiring IOS game. The puzzles, along with the colorful abstract art and cute characters, puts it on this year's indie game list.


A.N.N.E game review


Go through the side-scrolling, pixel art world of gomi and blast your way through enemies. Combining fantastic puzzle elements and wonderful little story, this little story will brighten your day.


the witness game review

The Witness

Jonathan blow aced his first attempt at a game, coming out with Braid. Now he's back with this mesmerizing, polygon art, island explorer. When you start it up, expect to have your mind blown.